• Brian L. Ponder, Esq.

    Brian L. Ponder, Esq. is a New York Civil trial attorney and published author. Ponder represents individuals and businesses in civil litigation at all stages. His practice focus is foreclosure defense, business, credit, and debt defense. Ponder's passion include helping the needy by donating food and clothing. Ponder in his spare time enjoys bicycling, motorcycling, and scuba diving. You may schedule a call to speak with Attorney Ponder using the link below.

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    As we approach 10 years in legal practice as of January 2023, Brian L. Ponder, Esq. is offering Top 10 templates for purchase to consumers and consumer lawyers for limited time. Click below for details.

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4 Steps to Better Credit

4 Steps to Better Credit contains valuable information and actionable steps that that you may use to learn about personal credit and resolve consumer debt issues. This book is a primer containing actionable strategies. 

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Dr. Boyce Watkins interviews Brian Ponder

Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Attorney Brian Ponder about how to deal with abusive debt collectors that violate the law.

Errors on credit reports can affect consumer's ability to obtain credit

Debt collectors may not harass consumers to collect on a debt.

Consumer laws protect you from wrongful debt collection and inaccurate credit reporting.