GBI fails to collect basic evidence in the Ahmaud Arbery murder investigation!

05-11-2020 07:02 PM By Brian Ponder

On Monday, May 11, 2020, New York attorney Brian Ponder spoke with Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Assistant Special Agent in Charge Richard Dial regarding the collection of evidence in the Ahmaud Arbery murder investigation. Travis and Gregory McMichael were arrested on May 7, 2020, for felony murder and aggravated assault. To date, the Ford pickup truck used in the murder has not been secured and preserved as evidence. Mr. Dial refused to answer whether any evidence at all has been collected from the suspects' homes regarding the murder.  Attorney Ponder demanded that the GBI collect evidence, including, but not limited to, the Ford pickup truck, shotgun (murder weapon), .357 magnum pistol, computers, cell phones, phone records, and clothing of Travis and Gregory McMichael. People are encouraged to demand that the GBI properly conduct a complete, thorough investigation so the prosecutor will have what she needs to secure a conviction in this case.

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