Brian Ponder calls interim police chief Jay Wiggins for his Resignation

05-07-2020 09:36 AM By Brian Ponder

New York Attorney and Georgia native Brian Ponder calls the office of interim police Jay Wiggins for his resignation and spoke with his administrative assistant Stephanie. Stephanie indicates that she received the faxed resignation demand letter and will deliver it to the chief. When asked about alleged threats to the department, she said that they come in every few minutes, including "death threats, bomb threats, and everything you can imagine." When asked if the threats are particularized to any specific persons, Stephanie is responsive and said she believes they are all "racial" and gave no names of anyone threatened to be harmed. Stephanie says she "understands why everyone is upset." When asked how she feels about everything right now, Stephanie says, "It's devastating, it's a horrible situation, heartbreaking." Brian Ponder could almost see crocodile tears through the telephone.

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